5 Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble

marriage in trouble
If any of these warning signs are apparent in your marriage, it’s time to take action as soon as possible… before your marriage is damaged beyond repair.

1. You no longer have fun with each other

You just don’t laugh or have any fun together anymore. When you do go out together, neither of you has any fun and you just wish you hadn’t even bothered going out at all.

2. Compliments are rare or non existent

You very rarely compliment each other these days. On the contrary, criticisms are on the increase. You feel unappreciated and can feel yourself withdrawing from the marriage.

3. You’re happier when your spouse is gone

The only time you can truly relax is when your spouse is not at home and you can enjoy being yourself. As soon as he leaves the house you breath a sigh of relief and when he arrives home, you tense up and withdraw again.

4. A lack of intimacy or sexual activity

This is a sure sign your marriage is in deep trouble and you are really disconnected from each other. It could also indicate an affair. Often when someone is having an affair, they will no longer express any intimacy within the marriage… out of a sense of loyalty to the person they are cheating with.

5. You no longer discuss any kind of future or long term goals

This is another sure sign that your marriage is in strife. When you are no longer planning and looking ahead, it is a sign that either one or both of you are feeling hopeless about the future. How do you look ahead when you are feeling depressed with what is going on right now?

If these things sound familiar to you, it’s time to get help.

Reach out and talk to a family member or friend if you can. Let someone know that your marriage is in trouble and that you could do with some help. You may find it helpful to talk to a marriage counselor.

I know that not everyone can afford, or even wants, marriage counseling. But you must do something… and there are alternatives.

If you really feel like you can’t, or don’t want to, talk to anyone… you can get help online and work through things on your own.

This is a great place to start… if you go and watch the video here right now:  How To Fix Your Marriage And Stop A Divorce you will learn how you can start re building your relationship TODAY (Even if you’re the only one who wants to fix things)