Sad Marriage Statistics

Sad Couple In Unhappy Marriage
It’s a sad fact, that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. It’s also equally as sad, that many people stay in unhappy marriages.

In a recent survey, over 500 married women were asked the question…

“What statement best describes your relationship?”

These sad marriage statistics are quite an eye opener :

*  Our relationship couldn’t  be better                       5.7%

*  I know we’ll never survive                                 2.1%

*  We’ll survive, it’s just really hard right now            52.3%

*  My spouse is with someone else right now                  13.8%

*  We’re together but it’s cold, distant and loveless         15.3%

*  My spouse doesn’t even care about our relationship          8.3%

*  Our relationship doesn’t even have a pulse                 2.4%

Only 5.7% said they were happy and it looks like a total of 41.9% have completely given up, in one way or another.

And even the 52.3%, who do think they will survive, are finding it really hard.

The one bit of comfort that you can take from these statistics is, if you are struggling with your marriage, you are not alone. Many others are in the same situation as you and many have already found ways to work at saving their marriage. It can be done, there is help out there if you need it. You can even do it yourself… if you learn how.

But before you start really looking at the answers about how to save your marriage, there is one other question that you need to ask yourself…

Should I save my marriage?

Because, there are some instances where a marriage really can’t, or shouldn’t be saved. Or where saving the marriage may be near impossible.

For example, where there is violence involved. If you are being physically, sexually or even emotionally abused, it may be very difficult to save the relationship unless both you and your partner are prepared to do some serious work.

For your own safety, you may need to just get out. I know this can be easier said than done sometimes and many women do stay in abusive relationships for years. But if this is your situation, you need to get help fast… even if it is help to get out, rather than try and save the marriage.

Another situation where you may be unable to save your marriage, is when your partner really just doesn’t want to save it. If your partner is well beyond the point of wanting to try and salvage the relationship, then it might be time to walk away.

Although… even if your partner is unwilling, there are things you can do to improve your own behavior within the marriage and changes you can make, that will help your partner feel differently towards you and your relationship.

So if you decide your marriage really should be saved… and you don’t want to be a part of these sad marriage statistics any longer, you can turn things around.

Even if things feel pretty dire, with the right knowledge and actions, even a badly fractured marriage can be repaired…   

how to fix your marriage